A downloadable Momentum Tenebris for Windows

What a perfect night to have a hunt.

As a dragon slayer vampire, you have been given the mission to free an ancient castle from the jaws of an undead dragon, which has control over all the creatures inside. Delve into the depths of the castle and make your way up until you reach your prey, and do what you do best: hunt it to eternal rest.

Be the perfect hunter:

  • Manage your bloodlust: generate bloodlust by attacking your enemies, and unleash powerful abilities to advance through the castle.
  • Your enemies are many, but you're faster: master your movement, jump, dash, jump again, attack, dash. Don't stop your momentum.
  • Finish your job: Take down your prey, and free the old castle. The gold is an excuse, what really motivates you is the thrill of the hunt.


  1. Download the game
  2. Extract the .zip
  3. Execute Momentum Tenebris.exe
  4. Enjoy the hunt

Made by Tenebris Team

Guillem Llovera Castillo

itch.io / twitter / linkedin

Pau Ruano Alarcón

itch.iotwitter / linkedin

Marta Montes Serra


Carlos Carbó Balaguer

Game Designer
itch.io / twitter / linkedin

Made with Unity Engine


Momentum Tenebris.zip 94 MB


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I loved the game great job on it looking forward to another project :)

Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed the game :)

My pleasure man


I've been following this development closely. You did an amazing job!

Thanks! We did our best, we’re happy to hear that :)